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Baltic Academy of Radiology

The Baltic Academy of Radiology is a professional radiology training and education project hosted by the Diagnostic Clinic of the ARS Medical Centre with the support of Toshiba Medical, the leading producer of diagnostic medical equipment.

The main goal of the project is contributing to the professional growth of health professionals in Latvia and abroad by offering a variety of practical training programmes, mastering new, innovative and modern diagnostic radiology methods and their application in clinical work. The Baltic Academy of Radiology, with the support of its cooperation partner Toshiba Medical during the training process, will attract globally acknowledged authorities in the field of diagnostic radiology. The technological basis for the training will be provided by the ARS Medical Centre which is now in possession of the most innovative and cutting-edge diagnostic technologies available in the country, including the Toshiba Aquilion One 320-slice CT Scanner, the only one of its kind in the Baltic States, which will be unveiled in the opening ceremony of the Baltic Academy of Radiology.

In the interests of renewing health professional resources, the ARS Medical Centre and Toshiba Medical will offer 2 scholarships for residents and junior doctors every year, providing an opportunity to take part in all training activities free of charge.

Vadošā speciāliste Dr. Med. Maija Radziņa
Vadošā speciāliste Dr. Med. Maija Radziņa